1. The 7D

From the recording FROM WHERE I CAME


The 7D
Scott Bragonier (Ox Yoke C Music/ASCAP)

Sunlight Basin In 1984
The sky was pure Wyoming Blue
We were children when we hired in the spring
But left so much more when we were through

And we were riding and wrangling with Dewey and the Boys
From Windy Peak to Elkhorn in the fall
We didn’t know it then like we’ve come know it now
This sacred land has left its brand upon us all

It took Grit, and blood and sweat and tears
From the men who made the 7D
But a man, and I hope that you’ll agree
Is what this Ranch has made out of me


It felt like love in cool mountain air
Hard lessons learned you walk before you run
But no regrets, somehow we understood
We were just a small part of the plan


And when the world, is heavy on my back
And leaves me yearning for more
I close my eyes, and for moment I am back
To Sunlight Basin in 1984

(Chorus) w/
The Floods and Fires and Runaways the stories it could tell
Five lifetimes just to hear them all