From the recording FROM WHERE I CAME


Rocky Mountain Town
Scott Bragonier (Ox Yoke C Music/ASCAP)

Well I can’t find one good reason
Not to stay here tonight
And all the lines they cross over
It’s so confusing but I’ll try

The sun is setting on us one last time
And all the stars may form a line
Who are we to temp the hands of fate
But to lovers lost in time

Let the moon shine down
And cast one shadow on the ground
Maybe we’ll not fall in love
In this Rocky Mountain Town

You’d throw a blanket in the meadow
And we’d throw caution to the wind
Both of us always knowing
How this summer had to end

If you play it safe and never take any risks
There’s few rewards or so they say
I can still smell wildflowers
All around us where we lay


Do you pick up the pieces
Of a summer left behind
And dare try to answer
All the questions in your mind

How many times has the sun came up
How many times has it gone down
Since our dream of forever
In this Rocky Mountain town