1. Reins West

From the recording FROM WHERE I CAME


Reins West
Scott Bragonier (Ox Yoke C Music/ASCAP)

At midnight ‘neath the moonlight
He gathered his whole life
In two saddlebags
And four cantle ties

Swung into the saddle
Pulled down his hat low
A trembling hand
Reined him West

An uncertain future
He rode from the past
Across the river
Westbound at last

I won’t
Be afraid
To fly from here
far away

The only chance
This dreamer has
Is to leave tonight and ride
Where no man has

The rise and fall
Of the moon and the sun
The tracks left behind
Of a ride made by one

I guess for now
What a man really needs
Just a ride ahead
Through sage and through trees

The time will come
To leave what we’ve found
But for right now
I’m westbound