From the recording FROM WHERE I CAME


Mother Nature, You, and Father Time
Scott Bragonier (Ox Yoke C Music/ASCAP)

Saddled up and headed out
But I never knew lonely
I guess I should have stayed at home
And done things differently

The urge to roam came or’ me
And I just couldn’t stay
The coyote in the distance
Takes me to yesterday

Lookin back not long ago
I see the times we shared
But the times you needed me
Well I just wasn’t there

Now this time I’m gone for good
And can’t believe it’s true
This one final heartache
I have given you

If I could I’d turn em’ back
And fix the hands of time
But I’m holding out not knowing
How or when or why

And if you hear this song tonight
Drifting through the sky
I’ll be right here somewhere between
Mother nature, you, and Father time

I’ve been wrong more than once
More than a time or two
And still you continued
To love me through and through

If I had a dime for all the times
That I’ve been right
I wouldn’t have the money
To try and call tonight

What’s in the mind of a man like me
Well I just couldn’t say
Cause I sure didn’t use mine
When I saddled up that day

I’ve left the perfect woman
For a life out on the range
A hawk cries out above me
A tear falls on my reins


The wind the dust the sweat the tears
Blind me for a while
But not enough to cover up
The pain when I smile