From the recording FROM WHERE I CAME


From Where I Came
Scott Bragonier (Ox Yoke C Music/ASCAP)

I sit here and I try to write
Some simple words to say
And we'll gather round
To say goodbye today

Funny just how easy
The pen writes the word
And though you never said it
This is what I heard

Float me on the wings
Of your cool mountain breeze
Wash my soul clean
With your sweet mountain rain

Take all I am
Then free me from this pain
Walk with me back home
Back from where I came

I draw a breath of memories
From the ridges that we rode
And the campfire's glow is warmer
From the stories that you told

The years and miles between us
We grew closer in some ways
Friend if I had to guess
This is what you'd say

Chorus 2x